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Stick it to the Man

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Sometimes it is just plain fun to thumb your nose at the establishment. Isn’t it? As Jack Black said in School of Rock, sometimes you gotta “Stick it to the MAN!” (Stick it to the Man – The School of Rock)

When we decided 5 plus years ago to drop insurance from our business, it came with much uncertainty. Will a chiropractic business, can a chiropractic business, survive without insurance reimbursements? Can you have a practice where people pay directly for the services they want?  Will saying no to the status quo, to the MAN, get you killed in business?

The jury is still out!  

But thanks to you all, we are still here!! 

“Healthcare” has gotten too big, too complicated, too intrusive, too expensive to be part of a long term solution. Any viable long term solution needs to honor the person paying for, and receiving, the care. You need to be in the driver’s seat, not the insurance company.

Most of the time I am so happy that we kicked those invisible guardians of “health”, insurance companies, to the curb. In doing so, we reinstated the sacred nature of the doctor-patient relationship. I needed, and still do need, to be able to hear what you are really saying. I don’t need to be wondering if an insurance carrier, that has never met you or me, will deem what we have discussed appropriate for reimbursement. I shouldn’t be thinking about how to get paid. I should be thinking about you and your health. Healthcare needs to be honest and respectful. It needs to be between me and you. For the last five years, our cash practice has allowed that for many, many people. Without insurance companies muddying the water, I can tell you the truth AND cut the cost of healthcare. All this while maintaining your privacy. Our system at Swaim Chiropractic is really a win/win.

Enter inflation. Unless you never visit a grocery store or fill your tank with fuel, then you don’t know what I am talking about. So go back to sleep Rip Van Winkle! For the rest of us, our dollars don’t go as far as they did a few years back. Things have changed. Sometimes I feel like I am losing ground almost daily.  

Most of you are expecting me to announce a fee increase right about now.  

We, Alysson, Linda and I, don’t want to do that. We want to stand against the status quo again. We want to thumb our noses at the MAN.  Yes we could raise prices to offset the increasing costs of doing business. Yes, most businesses do just that. We don’t want to!!! 

Here is what we are thinking.

What if we just did more business? What if we saw more of your friends and family in our clinic? You help them by giving them a contact to affordable healthcare and you help yourself because we won’t need to raise your price. Win/win/win.

So, here are a few ways you can help us all win:

  1. Write a google review. Anyone can do this and it helps drive our ranking on google. The more reviews, the easier it is for more people to find us. Simple. Just do it. If you need help, ask Alysson or call Linda.
  2. Consider buying a yearly membership. Our membership fee is $99 a month for a year’s commitment. This allows you access to our clinic anytime we are open. This is a great deal. We currently have 9 memberships available. 
  3. Buy your supplements from us. Quality matters. Standard Process is THE highest quality supplement company in the world and they have something for everything. If you are looking for ways to maximize your health, remember not all supplements are created equal. We offer free, at the time of this writing, nutritional counseling to all members. .
  4. Send in your friends and family. We will give them the same, marginal, just kidding, excellent care that you have received.    
  5. As you know the valley has grown and those coming here don’t know anything about us. We could spend money on advertising or we can rely on you to help spread the word. I would much rather rely on you. We are here for the long run.  

Stand with us folks, in order to stand against the status quo, against the Man. Linda, who answers the phone, has told me many times over the past 6 weeks that prospective clients are turning away from becoming patients because they want to use their insurance. Lots of them, I understand. You pay for something and you want to use it. But that is not us. Linda tells them we can’t help them and she refers them somewhere else. That is tough to do. 

What kind of business turns away business?  

One that cares about the clients so much that we will not compromise the doctor-patient relationship. (Remember Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street referring people elsewhere?) We won’t let insurance get in the way of your health.   

We won’t.

However, we need your help and support to continue to grow, without a fee increase, to keep rejecting the status quo.


Are you in?



Click on this link and go to the right side of the page, where you see an old pic of me, and scroll down to a box that says, Write a Review. Or if you are on your phone, just choose Reviews: Write a Review

4 Join the Conversation

  1. Barbi Dailey says
    Aug 16, 2022 at 5:07 PM

    You guys served me well and I consider you all friends and stop to see your newsletter. The services you offer are well beyond what any insurance will pay for.

    • says
      Aug 16, 2022 at 12:09 PM

      Thanks Barbi, we sure appreciate your support and kind words! Cheers!

  2. Bill Downs says
    Aug 17, 2022 at 12:57 AM

    Dr Ken Swaim and staff have provided to me amazing care for a number of years now! I have suffered with back and hip pain during that time and Ken has been able to provide good solid care for me so I am able to maintain somewhat of a normal life style, which I am so grateful!! It is always a pleasant experience during treatment visits!! I would highly recommend their services!

    • says
      Aug 17, 2022 at 1:02 PM

      Wow, Bill, your comments are so encouraging. We appreciate your faithfulness to your care and that we are able to help. Cheers!

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