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Whole Food Nutrition

Whole FoodsAt Swaim Chiropractic, Inc. we understand that adjustments are only one part of the puzzle in the total picture of your health. Therefore, we are taking great pains to study and implement a system for getting the highest quality whole food nutritional products matched to your specific health issues and into your system. We recommend Standard Process products.

Through several diagnostic tools, Dr. Swaim can determine what products may help you the most with the systemic health issues occurring in your body. Overtime, with a commitment to our great nutritional program, chiropractic adjustments are minimized. Mrs. Swaim, the office guinea pig, is living proof of this truth!

New Patients receive a Systems Assessment Form to fill-out for their initial exam. You are not in any way required or pressured to pursue nutritional care but the information from this form will still be a help to Dr. Swaim for assessing your health issues right from the start. And if nutritional information does interest you, it will be the first step in having that conversation. Blood draws and palpation are the deeper diagnostics used for those who want to pursue more.

Current patients who have not filled out the Systems Assessment Form are encouraged to do so (you may pick one up at the Front Desk). When your form is complete and returned to Alysson, you will be scheduled for a private consultation with Dr. Swaim regarding whole food nutritional support. Again, we find that those who commit to the Standard Process protocol laid out for them, overtime, need fewer adjustments.

Get in touch today to discuss your own personal nutrition needs!

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