Your First Visit In Nampa

Chiropractic Nampa ID First Visit

Be prepared for your first visit at Nampa chiropractic clinic by reading below about what to expect

What To Expect On The First Visit In Nampa:

  • To be greeted warmly by Alysson, our Exam Tech and Quarterback of office operations.
  • You will be in a private Exam Room where Alysson will do a preliminary exam and go over your paperwork with you.
  • Next, Dr. Swaim will be in to listen to the reason for your visit and who will do a more thorough exam by way of the Activator Methods® of Chiropractic (looking at your leg lengths, etc…no X-Rays) followed by your first adjustment.
  • Your nutritional profile will also be addressed in this first meeting, with the option of digging deeper if that is of interest to you.
  • Dr. Swaim and/or Alysson will make you aware of your options for future visits and then you will be free to check-out and go.
  • We ask that you plan for about 30-40 minutes for this first session, we generally schedule these visits outside of regular patient hours in order to provide you with undivided attention.
  • Subsequent visits will be on a walk-in basis only and should see you from door-to-door within 15 minutes. It is our goal to make it as quick and convenient as possible for your busy schedule while providing you with maximum quality care and service.
  • All of the above is included in your first visit charge of $95.00.

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