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Meet our Team

Dr. Swaim, Nampa Chiropractor

Dr. Swaim | Chiropractor

Hi, I am Dr. Swaim and I am the chief explainer in our office. If you have a question about chiropractic or anything that happens in our office or why we do what we do, or why this works or… let your curiosity spark a conversation. I am finding that simplicity and clarity are extremely valuable objects in our crowded and complicated world. And yes I do say “I don’t know” when I need to. Cheers to your health.


Alysson  | Clinical Assistant

I am Dr. Swaim’s clinical assistant, I will be a part of your new patient exam and any follow up exam that is needed. I will be documenting your adjustments as well as assisting you with nutrition questions and helping you implement exercises recommended by Dr. Swaim.


Linda Swaim | Billing Specialist

Hello! My responsibility  is to serve you by keeping your account up to date. To the best my ability, I want you to know what is happening regarding your financial situation in our clinic.  I am excited to serve you!

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give us a call or send us an email today.

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