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About Swaim Chiropractic

Meet Our Team

Dr. Swaim | Chiropractor

Hi, I am Dr. Swaim and I am the chief explainer in our office. If you have a question about chiropractic, nutrition or anything that happens in our office or why we do what we do, or why this works or… set your curiosity free. I am finding that simplicity and clarity are extremely valuable objects in our crowded and complicated world. And yes I do say “I don’t know” when I need to. Remember, health comes from you, not to you. Cheers!

Alysson | Caddy

I am Dr. Swaim’s caddy, in other words, his right hand person in the office. I will be a part of your new patient exam and any follow up exams that are needed. I will be here to help you check-in, get to your adjusting table and check-out, as well as helping you implement exercises recommended by Dr. Swaim and assisting you with nutritional orders/questions.

Linda Swaim | Communications

I am Dr. Swaim’s wife! My responsibilities are to serve you by taking your calls, scheduling, answering questions or finding the person who can, posting Dr. Swaim’s Blogs to our website and sharing information through email, Facebook and Instagram. I also help design and update our website. You may never see my face but I am excited to serve you!

Jessie Mae (or as we like to say, Jessie Marvin) | Comfort

Hi! I am Dr. Swaim’s faithful companion, even though I may or may not prefer Alysson! Dr. S and I do outdoor activities and take naps together. I accompany him to the office in the mornings and many afternoons. Sometimes I sleep through your visit but if you bring me treats, I learn your voice and your smell and most times will wake-up to greet you!

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