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Skis rested on wallRecommendation: Greenwood’s Ski Haus

Hi Folks!
You can buy or lease skis anywhere. That being said, only customer service matters. All things being equal, Greenwood’s Ski Haus is the best.

The team at Greenwood’s has taken such good care of my family, my out of town friends, and me for so long I don’t think I have ever actually been anywhere else. I look forward to going there for reasons as small as I need a cup of coffee before going up the hill.

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At the heart of it though, is a group of people who love to ski and love to talk about skiing. These are my people! So here’s to Jeff, Rollie, Erik, Carrie, and Michele. You are all the best. And thank you for keeping Roger hidden in the back, he skis too fast anyway. Cheers all of you at Greenwood’s and to an excellent 2017-18 season.

And cheers to all of our readers. I highly recommend that you check out Greenwood’s and their awesome staff. It’s best to make the most of this upcoming season of great snow! And be sure to tell them that Ken Swaim sent you. (208) 342-6808

Happy skiing!

PS My wife says they have beautiful ski and casual wear.

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