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IF I could choose only ONE supplement that would have the most profound effect on most individuals I would say without hesitation, Magnesium. I was reminded of this important mineral when a man was asking about magnesium supplementation at the gym this morning.

What is the big deal?

Magnesium is present in every cell in the body and acts a co-factor in 300 plus chemical reactions in the body.  If this mineral is not present, either these functions will not be performed or they will not be performed properly.  What functions am I eluding too? Energy production, DNA and RNA transcription, mineral balance( think of calcium as an “on” switch, magnesium as an “off” switch.)  Muscles and nerves use calcium to turn things on and magnesium to balance them and turn them off. Everything in the body is effected by magnesium. Everything in the body is effected by its lack.

Why are most of us (including folks that eat “clean”) magnesium deficient?

No surprise here, too much stress, too much sugar, too much environmental toxins, the same old list.  And yes reducing stress, and eating less sugar, and removing environmental toxins is helpful, but a supplement is essential.

The supplement that our family has used fro the past 10 years is made by a company called Natural Vitality.  The product is Natural Calm.  You can purchase it at Fred Meyer or we buy it on Amazon.  This product is worth every penny, and a large bottle will last a few months.  I am enclosing a link if you want to read more, and no we are not profiting from this endorsement.

Go get some.  It works.


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