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Do You Take Supplements in Nampa?

Supplements in palm of handDo you take supplements in Nampa? Why? The honest answer is that your diet probably doesn’t support your lifestyle. Mine doesn’t either! When we dare to tell ourselves the truth, we probably do not eat half as well as we think we do.


Look, if you eat perfectly, meaning you match your energy expenditure (Calories out) with your energy consumption (Calories in), and your vitamin and mineral usage doesn’t exceed your intake, you are rare indeed. Supplements are not likely necessary and probably a waste of money. If your diet is great, then you can stop reading now.

Which means 99.99% of all of us should still be reading!

A pretty good diet doesn’t cut it. There are always gaps in our nutritional profiles and gaps mean we are not firing on all cylinders. We turn into inefficient, low fuel economy humans. These nutritional gaps usually show up as decreased energy, brain fog, lethargy, just to name a few. A reduction of life is the usual outcome and many times we are unaware that a nutritional deficiency even exists. Nutritionally deficient people are more prone to disease.

Look at it this way, the better you eat, the less supplementation you need. The worse you eat, the more supplementation you need.

Pretty simple.

But as I have written before, not all dietary supplements are created equal. In fact most, really most, give you very expensive pee and not much else. Most, really most, are made from synthetic substances and your body knows the difference between real food and synthetic chemicals. Even if you don’t know the difference, your body still does. And your body, and mine, want the real deal.


And to get the best bang for your buck let me introduce you to Cataplex Core-B.

Core-B does so many things that this little write up could not do it justice. Suffice it to say Core-B helps control the rate and rhythm of your heart, helps with carbohydrate metabolism, helps with that drowsy feeling after eating, shortness of breath and the list goes on and on. This is really a broad-spectrum group of vitamins. Everybody needs this product.

Everybody. Every…body.


Do you drink coffee? Do you eat sugar? Do you use nicotine? Do you drink alcohol? Do you eat processed foods? Do you eat fast food? Do you live in the western industrialized world?

All of these things deplete your body of the B vitamin group, meaning most of us are continually at a deficit. The B Vitamins are not well stored by the body and all the above-mentioned lifestyle issues are capable of depleting the stores you might have.


“But I already take a B vitamin complex and it has thousands of percent of the B vitamins. It has way higher levels of B vitamins than your product does.”

I will grant you that. Just realize that your B vitamin complex was likely made in a laboratory. Mine was grown on a farm. Things grown on a farm are far more powerful, even at lower dosages, than things made in a lab. Your body knows how to assimilate things grown on a farm. It’s called food!

Standard Process Core-B is made from defatted wheat germ, nutritional yeast, bovine liver, rice bran, beet root, carrot, and sweet potato, all whole foods. If you don’t see food(s) on the label, you are dealing with an inferior product.


B vitamins naturally divide themselves into two groups. That probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it does to your body. This particular group of B’s, B1, B4, B9 (Folate), are those of the fat soluble variety. The one I want to call attention to is B4. I’m guessing most of you have never heard of B4. The reason is the FDA does not recognize it as being necessary in the human diet, so Standard Process cannot advertise it. However, according to the Merck Manual, 10th ed, B4 is “widespread throughout plant and animal tissue.” In other words, nature has seen fit to put it into a variety of places for our benefit. And it cannot be made in a lab.

This product should be a daily part of your routine.

Your body will thank you.


We have some in the office and will keep it on hand for purchase. If you prefer the internet and home delivery, you can find it here:
Either way FIND IT!

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