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A Huge Thank You for Journeying Along with Us!

Let’s take a little break in the action and CELEBRATE!


Yep, it has been one year since we stopped working for the insurance companies, and their shareholders, and started working for YOU! And for all of you that have embraced this new style of practice, this new way of thinking about your health, this direct ability to purchase the health care that you want, instead of what you are “allowed”, I applaud you. Saying no to a system that rewards sickness instead of health makes so much sense.

Welcome to the revolution!

Think about it. Our current “healthcare system” rewards sickness. How sick is that? But we know better. We know that if you invest in your nervous system, your diet, your exercise pattern, your sleep patterns and your thought life, health is really a pretty simple equation.

Thank you for trusting us. We are grateful!

I must say that working with all of you, even those that challenge my limits every day (Tony and Deb:}), is a pleasure. Truly!

Chiropractic really is a simple, elegant, tool in your health and longevity. I know it is cliche, but chiropractic can add life to your years.

Thanks again for joining us. And tell those you care about to come along too.

Here is a little video about how to start a revolution. Please Enjoy:

TED Talk: Derek Sivers. How to Start a Movement

And for our favorite, exaggerated jab at health insurance, and to help you understand the experience for healthcare providers, and maybe your own experience, please have a laugh (or cry) here:

Insurance Rules

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  1. Harold & Naomi Cartwright says
    May 04, 2018 at 3:30 AM

    We both have so appreciated your faithfulness in caring for us. You have helped us to be able to care for our responsibilities with quality of life almost without pain. Thank you for this plan that you offer to us and all of your patients. AND Allison is a treasure and a blessing also

    • says
      May 04, 2018 at 6:56 AM

      Alysson really is a gem. Mrs. Swaim and I appreciate her very much as well! I am glad to hear that your quality of life is improved and continues. It is fun to be able to give more life to your lives.

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