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Swaim School for Better Living: Wintering Well #4


Happy Wintering, (ok, this one has been a piece of cake right?)

So let’s roll! What other simple small change can we make that will help us in this dark season?

Yep, open your drapes! Or shutters or blinds or Raiders’ bed sheets that are tacked to the wall.

Get them open, all the way, and do it quick. Let the light in. You need light and your brain really needs light. Natural light helps to regulate our hormones, particularly the ones that control the sleep/wake cycle.

This one is HUGE; do it!

“But I get up in the dark!” Yes you do, and the sun will too, so get ready for it.

Get up, get out of your PJ’s, open those drapes, do your 60 second routine (feel free to empty your bladder first) and make your bed. Simple, simple, simple.

You are well on your way to conquering winter!



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