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Swaim School for Better Living: Wintering Well #2

Small daily habits matter. If you were on board for the first installment of Wintering Well, posted last Wednesday (Wintering Well #1), then you know the power of a one minute daily habit and its compounding effect annually.

Today’s encouragement is another simple habit that will help you Winter Well:


Make your bed. Make it every day. How often? Every day.


The biggest reason is that you have accomplished a task. And one task can lead to another and create momentum for the day ahead. Making your bed is a decisive act. An unmade bed will clutter your mind. There is freedom in making your bed. There is freedom in a made bed.

There is a small fraction of non-bed making adherents that claim the dust mites, that live in everyone’s bed, need fresh air and light to weaken them. Apparently they love the warm cozy darkness we leave behind and it is a breeding ground for mites to thrive. Don’t give them a chance to thrive.

So here is my suggestion. When you jump, crawl or limp out of bed, pull the covers all the way down and let your bed sheets breathe. Let the fresh air do its work. Make your coffee, do a plank, do a few minutes of your morning routine, heck open the window and let some fresh air in, and then make the darn thing. It really is the best of both worlds.

Hey folks, I get it. Getting out of bed at all when it is pitch dark and freezing is challenging. But toughen up! Jump up, pull the covers back, stall for a few minutes and then get cracking. Your life will thank you.



For further research Google “Benefits of making your bed.”

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  1. MaryKate DeBoer says
    Jan 10, 2018 at 9:12 PM

    When you said, "get cracking" I was picturing (and hearing) my joints cracking as I gingerly get out of bed.....and for the record my dog still occupies my bed when I leave it...making it hard to fully "make" but I try. ;)

    • says
      Jan 10, 2018 at 4:10 PM

      You get an "A" for effort. Is your dog spoiled? :)

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