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Stay Well Simply: Installment #2


Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Hey Folks!

First off, if you missed our original installment of Stay Well Simply, we invite you to visit this link first: Stay Well Simply

It’s Abbey here once again, with just one more way to support your body’s attempts to keep you afloat this winter season!

Today we’re going to chat about Calcium Lactate, a product designed to get your body the calcium that it needs. And calcium has many functions in human physiology, besides being good for your bones, like reducing fevers, making this product a game changer. But don’t worry, there’s NO lactose or whey, so it’s safe for all of us with dairy aversion. Let’s get right to it.

The Pitch:

calcium lactate

Why: Calcium is an overall essential mineral for the body. It is present in higher quantities than any other mineral in our system. Particularly in a season where colds and flus are rampant, anything we can do to support our immune system is a bonus. As a second messenger that amplifies the signal received, calcium bolsters our immune system by helping increase the reproduction of our infection-fighting white blood cells. Pretty great bonus! Some other little known uses include fevers, infections, herpes, canker sores and insomnia. All of these maladies may be reduced by the addition of this product. In seasons where we aren’t as concerned with getting sick, building up our bones and tissues is always a concern. And anything we can do to help our muscles relax, makes this the perfect chill pill. In other words, this is a great product year round.

What: Calcium Lactate is a product with a 5 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. It comes in tablet or powder form. This product is useful because it is crafted with a slightly acidic pH so that it can be better absorbed in the GI tract. Our GI tract likes a slightly acidic environment. Unlike other commercially available products, Calcium Lactate only requires one step to be transformed into calcium bicarbonate, which is the ionizable/usable form in the body. (We can’t take calcium bicarbonate because it will transform into limestone in the process of making a tablet. And limestone is not very useful in the human body.) This product is the most efficient form of the calcium available.

Who: Folks needing a heightened immune system response for infections, or needing to increase the amount of calcium in the body for bone and tissue repair, or calming muscle cramps and tightness. Calcium has many functions in the body. Actually, everybody needs this.

How: In tablet form, the product can be taken 1-2x per meal, depending on the level of response needed. As a powder, 1 tsp can be taken 1-3x per day, best in slightly acidic warm liquid (like apple juice). This is useful for getting it down kiddos.

Standard Process has been perfecting this product since 1947. Whether you are looking to just stay a little healthier, or have other more acute concerns, Calcium Lactate can help! Just head to our website to order on your own Calcium Lactate Tablets or Calcium Lactate Powder, or stop by the office, we carry a few of the smaller bottles for in-house purchase.

Abbey Swaim

P.S. Here’s a general Summary of how calcium affects your immune system if you’d like more detail.

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