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The Echinacea Flower - Image by Shirley Hirst from Pixabay

The Echinacea Flower – Image by Shirley Hirst from Pixabay

Howdy Folks,

Abbey (the daughter) here to help convince you to stay on top of your health this holiday season! It’s no secret that this time of year can feel like it’s impossible to keep from getting sick at least once (if you want to understand why this tends to happen check out Dr. Swaim’s blog here). One of the ways that you can stay ahead of the curve is by supporting your immune system with the proper nutrition to keep you running strong. So… let’s chat about a great one:

SP Echinacea

The Pitch

Echinacea Premium is an herbal supplement from Standard Process containing concentrated amounts of two different types of echinacea root. It can be taken in tablet form, or if preferred, there is a liquid product also available.

Anyone who wants to stay healthy during the holiday months (and beyond). 

This product is best recommended for use as long-term support, 1 tablet 2-3x daily; if you are of smaller stature, one a day may suffice. In acute cases of sickness, the dosage can be upped and combined with other Standard Process products to be described in the coming weeks. As with most herbs, holding under your tongue for a few moments before swallowing enhances the body’s response. However, chewing and swallowing are not recommended.

Compared to other supplements available, this product has high levels of alkylamides, which are shown to have immunostimulant, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties. Alkylamides are a compound naturally present in the echinacea plant. In this, they are extremely bioavailable, so your body can make more efficient use of what you are taking.

Folks, don’t spend your holidays on the couch unless, of course, you’d like to. At least give yourself the option. Start here, start simple.

Order Echinacea Premium Here or avoid the shipping costs and buy the small bottle in our office.

Abbey Swaim

PS: If you’d like to read more about alkylamides, here’s a great journal article, Chemistry and Pharmacology of Alkylamides from Natural Origin, addressing their structure and use.

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