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Hello Friends, 

The question is often posed in our office, after people are experiencing the health producing effects of chiropractic, what can I do for my self?  The answer is always, and for the foreseeable future, LIFT WEIGHTS.  Yes, diet is important, maybe the most important, but placing a new demand on your system to strengthen the new neurological pattern that chiropractic is helping build, is equally paramount.  How can two things be paramount? Well they just are.

The Book, Muscle UP:

The Author is PD Mangan,  find his excellent blog Rogue Health and Fitness here:

Three Sentence summary:

1) How Strength Training beats obesity, cancer, and heart disease and why everyone should do it. (I realize I took this right from the cover of the book, but it was such a great summary sentence that I could not resist)

2) The intensity of the exercise, not the duration, is the key ingredient to its effectiveness.

3) Why Strength Training/weight lifting is the single best form of exercise. 

Mr. Mangan writes clearly, intelligently, and compellingly about health and fitness.  His writing is to the point and unemotional. He cites his sources and reads the research with a wary eye.  His blog is a great source of accurate info.  Check it out.

For the rest of my opinion on the why and how of strength training go to:




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