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Congaplex - It's Not from The Congo: What if I Already Have Symptoms?

Image by Welcome to all and thank you for your visit ! ツ from Pixabay

Image by Welcome to all and thank you for your visit ! ツ from Pixabay

Part of my job here at Swaim Chiropractic is to help you navigate the world of health. And there is no more confusing place to start than the world of supplements. Supplements are a billion-dollar industry, and every conceivable nutrient is available somewhere. But not all supplements are created equal. In fact most, really most, are worthless. They create very expensive urine! So, let’s take a look at whole food nutrition, not supplements at all really, just high-quality organic food grown in Wisconsin that is concentrated into tablets that can help any level of crummy diet.

I want to introduce you to a timely Standard Process nutritional support product created in 1959 on the farm in Wisconsin and it is anything but worthless. In fact, this one is very timely.      

Congaplex is its name. And not because it comes from the Congo! I think the name comes from the word congestion, but that is just speculation. 

Congaplex is THE primary product for colds, flu, congestion, inflammation, and any systemic infection. Carrots, alfalfa, mushrooms, and calcium lactate provide the nutrients and minerals needed during inflammatory states, like colds and flu.  

This is real food doing real work for you.  

Let’s break down the constituents of Congaplex and look at their functions. 

Calcium Lactate comprises 37% of this product. Calcium is valuable for fevers and infections. But again, not all calcium is created equal. This product is created from non-GMO organic fermented corn. If you look at the label of another product and it reads calcium carbonate, then you’ve got limestone. And limestone is not helpful with fever and infections. Calcium lactate on the other hand helps to buffer the system, making it more acidic, which is helpful in dealing with fever and infections. Most people who get sick are too alkaline and this product helps to remedy this problem.

Vitamins A and C comprise 29%. Let’s talk about C first. There is a lot of confusion around Vitamin C as it is often sold as ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is just the shell around the factors that make Vitamin C work. But it is these synergistic factors that give the product its full potency. You need all the factors from nature, inside and out, to get the full effect. Selling high levels of ascorbic acid as a remedy for infections, sometimes in the 1000’s of percent, is commonplace. So beware. Anytime you see a label with a mega dose of anything, you are certainly looking at a synthetic. The common component of synthetic ascorbic acid is petroleum. Last time I checked, petroleum is completely unnecessary in the human body. Your body wants and needs a source of Vitamin C from whole foods, like buckwheat. Buckwheat, BTW, is not a grain. Congaplex has the buckwheat.

Remember this is a whole food product, so it is potent without inflating the data on the label.    

Vitamin A, simply put, protects your mucous membranes. The mucous membrane is basically the first layer of our immune system as it covers all of our openings. Take your nose for instance: the mucous membrane is what traps dirt from going into your lungs, it gets trapped in the mucus. Dirt, bacteria, viruses and mucous equals buggers. (That is probably why kids eat them, they intuitively know they are building their immune systems by exposing themselves to a variety of dead bugs. I’m not kidding!) Again, this really is the first layer of defense against an invader. Protect it. Also available in the Cod Liver Oil. (You Can Always Do Better: Building Your Immunce System /Cod Liver Online Order Link)

Thymus gland is the next component. This constitutes 25% of Congaplex. For reference sake, the thymus gland is a small organ that sits behind your breastbone. The thymus gland plays a role in immune function, particularly in the maturation of B and T cells, both necessary to the immune system. Our thymus gland is involved in antibody production as well. As we age, our thymus shrinks, and we produce less antibodies. So adding this component, in the form of whole bovine thymus gland, is a great help to fight off invaders.

Finally, included in this special formulation, is RNA, or Ribonucleic Acid making up the final 9%. RNA supports cell growth which is critical for the healing process. A shortage of this critical element results in a shortage of white blood cells, the cells that work to clean up the infection.

A lot of time and attention and thought went into the formulation of this product. As the label reads, this is short term immune boosting stuff.

So, at the first sign of being compromised, run down, lethargic, congested, feverish, etc., get this going in your system. Buy a bottle now online (Congaplex Online Ordering Link or we have a few in the office) and keep it on your shelf. HELP YOUR BODY HELP ITSELF!

Let whole food be your medicine.  

It is the better choice.




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