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You Can Always Do Better: Building Your Immune System Take 2!

Image by monicore from Pixabay

Image by monicore from Pixabay

So many folks are coming into the office with either a cold or recovering from a cold or whatever else is in the air. Ever wonder why people get sick this time of year? Good, thank you for asking!
Most people know by now that Vitamin D is what keeps you going during the winter months. By February and March, people have used up all their stored Vitamin D and are susceptible to respiratory issues. If you have not been supplementing with high quality Vitamin D and you live in the northern latitude, your chances are not good. My choice for Vitamin D is the sun, but because it is not even possible to get enough sunlight this time of year, my second favorite is Cod Liver Oil (CLO). An all natural source, like the one from Standard Process, is really the only way to go. Most commercial CLO uses synthetics. Synthetics do not work very well… if at all. 
Here is a short video we made in October of last year. Please watch it, as it is more relevant than when we made it.
Because the demand for this product has been consistently growing, we are now stocking it in our office.  Come get some and do yourself a favor. We will have 10 bottles in the office, this Monday, or you can order online and have it shipped directly to your home: Order Cod Liver Oil Here
Please click on the link below to view our latest video:
You Can Always Do Better: Building Your Immune System

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