Swaim School For Better Living: Why In Nampa

Swaim School For Better Living: Why In Nampa?

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Do you ever get stuck in life? Are your fitness goals out of reach? Is your weight loss program stalled out? Is your job stagnating? Are your relationships a drag? Are your investments underperforming? Contact Nampa chiropractic clinic to find out the answers to your questions.

Are You Stuck with Questions In Nampa?

I am not trying to be insultingly simple, but ask yourself WHY. And not “why am I stalled?”, but rather “Why was I doing this in the first place?”

Why was I trying to get into shape in the first place? Did I want more energy, or to play with my grandkids, run a 10k, or get a good night’s sleep?

If your job is stagnating, maybe ask yourself why you do what you do. Do you need cash? Of course. But beyond that, why do you or how could you invest in your work? Why are you doing this job, to begin with? How does it contribute to your community? Remember the why in your work.

If your relationships are a drag, ask yourself why you are in that relationship, to begin with. Go back to the beginning. Remind yourself. Ask yourself Why. Take a breath. Begin again in Nampa.


PS- Simon Sinek wrote a great book, “Begin with Why.” Check it out.


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