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What Does Getting on the Freeway Have to Do with Me?

By Tookapic

By Tookapic

Why should I get adjusted if I feel good?

Great question.

Imagine if you will, a man driving a car onto the freeway. He gets to the on-ramp, he puts his foot on the gas, and he really gives it the pedal. Why? Because a car needs a lot of energy to get on the freeway and up to speed. He continues to accelerate, and depending on the type of vehicle he is driving, we can almost see the needle moving toward E. He finally hits 65, he merges into traffic, and then he does something inexplicable.

He puts his car in neutral, coasts for a while, and then finally comes to a stop. Once he has stopped, he starts the process all over again. He presses the gas, uses a bunch of energy, gets up to speed, puts the car in neutral and… This is getting expensive both in terms of time lost and fuel economy.

If you were following this man, only a man would do this, and were watching him spending all his energy getting on the freeway only to coast and come to a stop, you would conclude that this man is perhaps insane or at least going nowhere fast. You would certainly think to yourself, there has got to be a better way. Certainly, this gentleman is misinformed about the nature of momentum and driving. Someone needs to explain to this man that once he is up to speed, once he has invested a bunch of energy getting on the freeway, the best and smartest thing he can do is put it on cruise control and enjoy the momentum he has acquired. And also enjoy the time and money savings.

And yet…

And yet this is exactly how many of us approach our health! We start and stop. We start and stop. We start and stop. We never get around to putting on the cruise control in order to enjoy the momentum that we have accumulated.

This is also true for your chiropractic health. Not that chiropractic health is separate from the rest of your health, because it is not. You cannot be healthy if your nervous system is not maintained. Having a cleaned up nervous system, improved coordination and balance and symmetry, are all the foundation of good health. ONCE THIS PROCESS IS IN MOTION, IT IS EXTREMELY VALUABLE, AFFORADEBLE AND EASY TO MAINTAIN. (IF USING ALL CAPITALS MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE I AM SHOUTING, I AM!) Getting adjusted when you feel good is like putting your car on cruise control. You get to enjoy the momentum that you have accumulated from getting adjusted regularly.

So, if you have ever asked why you need to come when you feel good, when you are not in pain, remember that man on the freeway. And remember how expensive and time consuming it is to start and stop. And how ridiculous he seems.

And use momentum for your advantage.



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