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Very Green-Recommendation


In the blog post on Supplements, I encouraged you to find those that are as close to whole foods as possible, as close to nature as possible, and in so doing, the most bioavailable, meaning absorable and useful.

Full disclosure

I am no fan of vegetables. I like some of them and often find it difficult to get enough green stuff into my system. So I am always looking for a life hack that will give me the nutrients without all the chewing. I found one at Trader Joes that has a great nutritional profile, and is made of whole foods.

Having worked at a Trader Joes in the Bay area during chiropractic school, I have always been a fan of the way they do business. It was a fun place to work, ( and I have the memory of being in the milk cooler stocking milk when the twin towers were struck on 9/11). When in Boise, I try to find some excuse to go in. On one forray I was looking at the supplement section, which has changed for the better in the last 15 years, and found a product called Very Green. I bought one bottle, 180 vegan capsules of concentrated greens all for under $12. At 4 caps a day, that is 60 cents a day for a solid nutrional supplementation. Is it perfect? no. Is it good enough? For my time and money and chewing muscles, yes.

Do I still consume vegetables? Yes. Do I recommend you do as well? Yes. Do I recommend you add a little more green to your life? Yes particularly in the winter. Your health and digestion will thank you.


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