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Time is money.

Pretty cliche I know, but this summer I have a new appreciation for what this means.  Let me explain.

Running a small business can be a bit like having one foot nailed to the floor.  Big blocks of time away from our practice are not often easy to come by.  I suspect it is the same for most other small business folks.  So our business schedule allows for a few mornings each week to either invest in how the business runs or invest in some other pursuit.

This summer I have had the privilege to spend these days with my soon to enter high school daughter, Abbey.  She has been learning to drive, by me, of course, and learning how to skate board. We have also attempted to spend time writing each time we are together and have written(this blog a result) in parks, at bogus basin, and a winery.  We have swam in the river, swam in the lake, lifted weights and eaten Chick Fil-A. I also know who One Republic, Andy Grammer, and Michael Franti are.  In short, we have had a summer full of 4 hour vacations.  It has been a blast.

The choice to invest in my daughter at this point in her life was not my idea but hers.  She said one day, “Can we spend those mornings together?”  Easy answer, absolutely.

I understand that not everyone has the choice to spend that kind of time with a kid.  I also understand that we both made a choice.  That no matter what we were doing, we would be together.  Investing in each other.  We didn’t spend time together, we invested.  I’m not sure where else in my life that I am prone to spend instead of invest, but now that I am looking, I’m sure I will find more.

Find someone to invest in today.

Time IS money.



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