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This is an Important Post: Great Barrington Declaration

Image by Ian Wilson from Pixabay

Image by Ian Wilson from Pixabay

Hello Folks,

This is an important post.

If you have been frustrated by the bizarre policies and guidelines surrounding the corona-virus please read the following declaration. If you feel as if the cure has been worse for society than the disease, please read the following declaration. Even if you are comfortable with all that has been done, please read for another perspective.

Part of my frustration during this time has been the blatant disregard of science and the scientific method, and the lack of debate. This issue has been presented from one side only and anyone who disagrees with the status quo, is dismissed as a kook or a conspirator. I’m not either. But I am familiar with statistics and I am familiar with mass hysteria. The statistics and the hysteria are way out of proportion.

What follows is a logical statement. When you read it for yourself, and sign it if you dare (which I did), you will ask yourself why this was not done in the first place? It really is brain-dead simple. These people are the experts.

While I don’t agree that mass vaccination is necessary or a preferable route to reach herd immunity, the ideas behind the declaration are sound.

Please read it.

Consider what they are suggesting.

Sign it if you agree.

Send it to your friends.

Let your voice be heard.

Click here to read: This is an Important Post: Great Barrington Declaration


Ken Swaim, DC

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  1. BT says
    Nov 14, 2020 at 4:15 AM

    COVID-19 has a 99.8% survival rate to include all ages and all underlying issues too. If you're one of the lucky ones that gets hospitalized, there's a 90% chance you'll survive. It's ridiculous that Dr. Fauci and others aren't looking at the CDC website data. Does Fear = population control?

    • says
      Nov 16, 2020 at 11:09 AM

      Begs the question! Thanks for chiming in. Please help spread the word on survival rates. Cheers!

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