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The Time of Your Life

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Time is your greatest asset or… Time is your biggest enemy.

The beautiful part of this truth is that we have a choice. Making a daily commitment to a good habit will pay dividends. Neglecting the formation of a good habit, will beat you in the end. And really, we do have a choice.

If you exercise daily, or regularly at least, the results compound. You will have a healthier body.

If you get sunshine and fresh air daily, or regularly at least, the results compound. You will think more clearly and gain a stronger immune system.

If you drink water daily, yes daily, the results of staying even marginally hydrated will compound.

If you go to bed at a decent hour and stay there for 8 hours, you will reap the benefits of better cognition, weight management, immune function… you name it.

If you make protein the focal point of your diet, regularly, you will stay stronger and healthier.

If you get regular chiropractic adjustments, whether you feel like it or not, you will stimulate your nervous system, which controls everything else in your body.

If you attend to your spiritual life daily, you will stay healthier. No question.

If you save some money and let it grow, you will be ready for a rainy day.

Time is on your side, it compounds.

I think sometimes what keeps us from taking action on these issues is some strange idea that massive action is better than daily action. And it’s not. Massive action is not sustainable. Yes, it can be good for a little while, but you will eventually burn out. Daily action is required for change, at least regular action. Pick one of the above to begin immediately and start letting time work for you.

Consider, however, the other side of not taking regular, consistent, action.

If you don’t get regular exercise, you will eventually lose your muscle mass, get brittle bones, and not be able to get around. Nice outcome!

If you stay inside all the time, your immune system is not going to work well, and you will be getting everything that is “going around”.

If Red Bull and Monster and Budweiser are your go to for hydration, time is not on your side.

If you refuse to get regular sleep, the wheels will eventually fall off.

If you eat fast food, or junk food, on a regular basis, sickness is inevitable.

If you neglect your spiritual life, you will struggle to find meaning.

If you spend every dime you make… you get the idea.

Time is working against you.

One does not need to get it perfect to reap the benefits of time, in fact the pursuit of perfection will work against you just like time! So, pick one area that you are neglecting and begin to make it a habit. Today! And put the power of time to work for you. Once you have that dialed in, say drinking more water than anything else, then add a new one.

Time doesn’t need to be an enemy.



Books for further reading. Pick one or three:

Atomic Habits, James Clear – Amazon Link to Atomic Habits

The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson – Amazon Link to The Slight Edge

The Compound Effect, Darin Hardy – Amazon Link to The Compound Effect


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  1. Roo says
    Nov 15, 2022 at 5:56 PM

    It's like you're hanging out in my head Ken! I've been working on several of the things you mentioned in this article lately. Daily yoga is starting to help with my back and hip pain. I pour myself a big bottle of water every morning and make sure I finish it by the end of the day. Protein and healthier eating. Now if I could just get off of Facebook!

    • says
      Nov 15, 2022 at 12:24 PM

      I knew you were smart Roo! Good girl, keep up the good work! Cheers, ks

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