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Swaim School for Better Living: Entropy, Can You Cope?


If you have been following along with the last two posts (I Had a Friend in Elementary School Named Daniel and Daniel Does it Again!), this one will make more sense; if you have not been following along…

Why in the world would anyone get a chiropractic adjustment?

A quick recap:

Entropy, or the second law of thermodynamics, is a measure of randomness or chaos or disorder in a system. Human bodies are systems. What we think of as aging, and sickness, and disability, is really an increase of entropy or a movement toward disorder. But understand that this movement toward disorder is a lifelong process and moves along a continuum. Each choice that we make, what we eat, think about, our sleep patterns, and exercise patterns all either move us toward order or toward disorder. I have a pathologist friend. He said cancer is easy to spot. It looks Chaotic. Disorganized.

So here is why getting regularly adjusted makes sense:

The chiropractic adjustment helps the human body to be better controlled and coordinated and hence, it resists entropy. All the forces in the universe are conspiring against that control and coordination. The adjustment helps to stem this tide.


Thank you for asking. The chiropractic adjustment stimulates the nervous system and enables it to control and coordinate all the functions our body can perform. Entropy, uncoordinated bodily systems, is at the heart of most illnesses. Does this mean the adjustment can cure disease? No but this is how it works. The adjustment can aid the body in minimizing the effects and/or symptoms of the disease, allowing the body to mount a defense.

So the chiropractic adjustment is a transfer of energy. Energy stored in the activator goes into the person lying on the table. The body can use this energy to increase its coordination and function throughout the entire body. How can a single click by the activator on a particular vertebrae or elsewhere produce a body-wide response? By affecting the nervous system. What effect does it have on the nervous system? The overall net effect of a single click is the reduction of interference of the control and coordination of the person’s nervous system. So when I am evaluating your spine on each visit, I am looking for neurological interference.

What is actually being adjusted? Your nervous system!

Get your system checked regularly and fight entropy.



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