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What’s Really Going On?

Have you ever wondered why one person gets sick and another person exposed to the same thing doesn’t? Me too. Why do some people “catch” everything that is “going around”? What does “going around” mean anyway? Do other humans really make us sick? OR…Do we actually really make ourselves sick?

I asked a patient the other day, who had had a family crisis and some travel in a relatively short time, why she was sick. She was complaining of some discomfort, coughing, sneezing etc. Her answer was telling. “I guess I got run down,” she said.

The Immune System

Our immune systems are wonderful things when they are working right. The elegance of the immune system is such that there are few things that should really ever “get” us. Our systems are built to handle just about everything. We should be able to be around small children and not blame them for getting us sick. We should be able to travel on an airplane without “getting it”. Whatever “it” is.

We place incredible stress on our immune systems by not getting enough sleep. By not eating properly. By eating too much. By not getting fresh air and sunshine. By not drinking water. By not being grateful. (Excuse the fragment sentences Professor Dennis, I do know better.)

9 times out of 10 we make ourselves sick.

Next time you are tempted to blame someone for “getting” you sick, review the last few weeks of your life, I’ll bet the answer is there.


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