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Season's Beatings

Head’s up, it is the most wonderful time of year! And if you find you like to burn the candle at both ends, maybe even all three ends if you are an overachiever, then this is for you.
We have two products which just may help save you from this year’s “Season’s Beatings”.
Cataplex C, by Standard Process, like all of their products, is a whole food product. Think about taking concentrated doses of real food, food which your body knows how to put to work, and think about the best sources of vitamin C on the planet, and then think about your immune system getting a boost. Very simple.
Because I hate to tell you, blaming others for getting you sick, is like blaming your car for running out of gas. The equation is quite simple too, if you put fuel in your car, typically it goes wherever you point it. If you put fuel in your body, typically it goes wherever you point it too.
We are including two different write-ups about this product, for those of you who have trust issues. One was written by the man who formulated the product. Click the links below:
Cataplex C
Cataplex C Doc 2
Now I can hear some of you saying, “The product I got from Costco has way more vitamin C in it!”, to which I will reply, “And I’ll bet you have very colorful urine to match!” Most of those synthesized vitamins have very little usage in the body. The body literally has to figure out what to do with something commercially mass produced and manufactured. And so it typically chooses to excrete as much as possible. Contrast that to a product grown on a farm, better known as food, which the body readily recognizes and presses into service. No comparison. There is no way to do apples to apples on this.
Here is something I did not know about vitamin C.
Vitamin C is actually stored in your adrenal glands and when we run full tilt for too long, our reserves get depleted, our immune system gets down graded, and guess who gets sick? Yep, you!
360 tablets usually goes for $51, but I feel so strongly about this product, we are dropping the price to $41 until the end of the month. If you are healthy and take 6 a day like I do, you get a two month supply in one bottle. THAT IS 68 CENTS A DAY! If you are not healthy and take 12 a day to get caught up, that is $1.36 a day.
Hello? No comparison.
The second product is an Echinacea-C. Same deal, whole food, same farm, same immune boosting or supporting features. Great stuff. 90 tablets go for $19. One with each meal, a 30 day supply, 63 CENTS A DAY.
Come on folks, take matters into your hands and bodies.


These products have not been evaluated by the FDA; these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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