Season’s Beatings: Unconventional Wisdom About Stress Relief #2 In Nampa

Season's Beatings: Unconventional Wisdom About Stress Relief #2 In Nampa

Chiropractic Nampa ID Seasons Beatings

Hello Friends,

Hopefully, this finds you pleasantly un-surprised and prepping for the holidays.

Here is my advice for you this week from a Nampa chiropractor-

Drive The Speed Limit In Nampa

Yep, just do it. This will take all the willpower and discipline and concentration that you can imagine. This task is like going on a diet. But it can and should be done.

This particular idea was born of observation while driving up and down 12th Ave. Who knew that12th would produce such stunning and useful inspiration. There are many millionaires in our midst who regularly drive on 12th. They drive old cars, and new cars and sports cars and …and you get it, they can be hard to spot. So how do I know? (If you haven’t read the Millionaire Next Door, you owe it to yourself to do so: Millionaire Next Door – Amazon)

The ones I know are always driving the speed limit, sometimes under.

They don’t race through yellows; they don’t tailgate; they just go with the flow. They look relaxed. Is there a connection between prosperity and the speed at which you drive?

I have no idea.

So I figured that on the odd chance that there is a connection, I should begin to drive the speed limit, which is 35, while going up and down 12th. This has bread amazing results. Really. When I get to Swaim Chiropractic, I am relaxed. When I get to Swaim Domicile, I am relaxed. I would never have believed it. So I began to drive everywhere at the speed limit and guess what, more relaxed all the time.

What if you are late for an appointment?

  • Drive the speed limit.

What if you are late for the big game?

  • Drive the speed limit.

Going Xmas shopping Boise?

  • Drive the speed limit.

Going to a family gathering?

  • Drive the speed limit.

Late for church?

  • Drive under the speed limit!

Make yourself do it and see what happens. If you arrive anywhere near on time, that’s a win. And without a ticket, that is a huge win. And being relaxed when you get there, because of your new millionaire habit, is a HUGE win.

So relax, drive the speed limit. Particularly on when Christmas shopping, the socks will still be at Fred Meyer!

I will let you know if you can expect wealth as a side effect!

Season’s Beatings,

PS- Extra credit for stopping at yellow lights.

You get the idea- Drive the speed limit and be relaxed when you get there.


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