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Season's Beatings #7



Okay everyone, you may have survived, maybe even thrived, with minimal damage to your psyche and wallet. This is really a great time of year, so how about this…


Here is what has worked for us. Fund an account, each AND every week until next Christmas. Don’t spend it on anything else. At $10 or $15 a week, you will be able to cover, partially or maybe even fully, next year’s beatings!

The good news is that the 25 of December comes every year on the 25 of December. Don’t be surprised. Be ready instead.

Here are a few options:

1) Use your existing bank and have a Christmas fund set up that automatically drafts each week. Very Simple.

2) Open an account at another bank. Slightly more complicated and cumbersome but also safer, in that there are more steps between you and your cash; this reduces the impulse to spend before Christmas.

3) Open an account using Capital One 360. This automatically drafts at the level and frequency you chose and is very convenient. We have used this one for years. This also removes your money from your immediate grasp for several days. The interest rate is not impressive, but none are anymore. (click or copy & paste to view)

4) This one is my new favorite for saving money: Acorns. This is an app on your Smartphone that is linked to your bank account. Every time you swipe your card, the company rounds up the difference, and invests the difference, for you. You can choose the level of risk you are willing to assume and they will invest accordingly. The savings into your account add up faster than you would imagine. The service fee is $1 a month. (click or copy & paste to view)

I hope one of these options help you in looking forward to the 2018 Season.

Stay tuned for next week’s series on Wintering well.



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