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Room for Improvement

When I first started to engage this subject with my wife, it was in regards to how we could raise a child to eat well.  Every where around us, the bad information about nutrition just keeps piling up.  How do we, the Swaim’s, make changes away from the insidious lifestyle errors that we had let creep into our world. Hopefully our experience will aid you in making changes in your world.

The beginning of our discussion was a long list of things that we have done wrong in raising our child.  Anyone else been there?  Once we had created a huge drama out of this issue, we both knew that this approach was not going to produce a great result.
Frustration and more drama is a natural result of revolution.  Anytime we seek to create a change in our lives in a  revolutionary, drastic, dramatic way, we are asking for a fall and failure. Things must change at the appropriate pace. Not faster.
When I am in trouble on my mountain bike or snow skis, the worst thing I can do is over-correct, over-react, over-do. That never ends well for me, (usually some blood involved). When I relax, hang on for another second, the part of my brain that is not reactionary makes a better plan, and executes it.  The discipline comes in hanging on for one more second.  What happens in that one second?  A small, very powerful, course correction. An evolutionary step.
Let us take this into our topic of personal change.  If we approach our world with this same idea, of making a small, profound correction,  we alter the big picture dramatically, without creating drama.  SLOWLY become that which you desire by taking steps in the direction you wish to move..  The results are more profound and the change is lasting.
It does not matter in what area of your life you want a different result.  Pick one. Emotional, spiritual, financial, physical, whatever.  The tendency is to pick the physical aspect because it easy to notice that our clothes are getting tight.  It is also less painful to change from the outside.  So start there if you must.  But for those inclined to take on a giant, David style issue, pick another.  Pick one area of your life that needs some inside out challenge.  Something that challenges the way you think and believe. Financially, save $5 a week.  Really save it.  Put it somewhere safe.  Spiritually, read the scripture every day for a few minutes.  Don’t even try to understand it.  Just read it.  Emotionally, un-friend folks that keep pouring negativity into your world. ( Get your youtubes tied if you must.) These things will all pay huge rewards.  Your will find a revolution being created through evolution.
The discipline required is simply to decide and move.  Slowly, over time.  That’s were change happens.
The chief student
Swaim school for better living.
Ken Swaim, DC

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