Swaim School For Better Living: Olive Oil Recommendation In Nampa

Swaim School For Better Living: Olive Oil Recommendations In Nampa?

Chiropractic Nampa ID Olive Oil


A short note to tip you off on what appears to be a great deal for a great product. If you are a regular user of Olive oil read on. If you are still using Crisco, PLEASE read on to see what a Nampa chiropractor has to say.

I like to shop for Olive Oil. I grew up in California and have always favored Californian brands. They taste like home. (Those groves in the Central Valley are cool to look at too). The time it takes to grow a tree, to get it to produce fruit that becomes oil, is substantial. It is an ancient art and in an instant gratification society like ours, the time commitment to producing quality oil can run into the hundreds of years.

The Point Here In Nampa

In a recent oil shopping extravaganza, I purchased oil from Spain, one from Portugal, and one from Tunisia (North Africa). All three were great but the Tunisian Oil did stand out. So I looked closer and found a great article about how the oil-producing region of North Africa actually works, and the charm of it all seems to be the old world. I have included the article for your enjoyment. CLICK HERE.

That being said, Mrs. Swaim found the exact oil at Costco in a double pack for an unbelievable price. However, it comes and goes quickly at Costco. And Walmart even carries the small bottles. I did not get as good of a deal at Cost Plus, although the shopping experience is far preferable. Here is the link to this particular oil: CLICK HERE.

You do not need me to explain the benefits of olive oil (if you are still using Crisco, maybe give me call at Swaim Chiropractic). In a few words, it is good for you.



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