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Let's Get Real, Because Stress is Real (video)


Let’s get real, because stress is real. I hear it all the time; and so do you: “Too much stress”.

Indeed we deal with a lot of it. But as you may have guessed, stress is here to stay. The only real escape from stress is death. I know way too many people that want to be stress free and the fact that they are not, causes more stress. Comfort and convenience are not the highest ends for mankind. (A short rant)

Is stress really the problem or the solution? Could it actually be a positive part of our lives and improve our ability to thrive?


We have a choice:

1) Let it control us and dominate our lives, and ultimately leave us depleted (Problem)

2) Adapt to it and work with it, and thrive under it (Solution)

There is a principle of life that needs to be reviewed. You already know it, if not in name, then at least intuitively. Have you ever heard the expression, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”? That is hormesis. Hormesis, in a nutshell, is the proper amount of stress making stronger. Stress properly applied is a plus for life. Stress improperly applied, too much for too long, results in sickness, injury, death. We have a choice.

A review of the health/life spectrum:

Fading Away Spectrun

Adaptation due to the right amount of stress moves us to the right, to more vitality, to more life in our years. Lack of adaptation, too much stress too long, moves us to the left.

Pretty simple stuff. Right?

Is our best option to minimize stress or create it?


And it depends on the stress! Short bouts of acute stress will typically work to make us stronger. In the next few weeks I will be giving you examples of stress to minimize and also stress to create. Let get in the habit of harnessing the hormetic principle for well being. Let’s get out of the habit of blaming stress for all our woes. Stress can be your worst enemy. OR stress can be your best friend. Again, you choose.

Let’s let go of the worship of comfort and convenience as a worthy goal and start thriving by harnessing the power of stress.

Here is a clip from the excellent film, The Princess Bride. The Dread Pirate Roberts understands the power of hormesis… perfectly. Enjoy!!

The Dread Pirate Roberts, from The Princess Bride



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