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I Like Options

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I like options. I am assuming you do too. Chiropractic and nutrition are two great options. We have added StemWave which is also an excellent option. That’s why we added it!

But I also like simple. Simple is elegant. Simple works. Chiropractic is simple healthcare. Nutrition is simple too. And do you know what else is simple? Yep, StemWave!

Here is how StemWave works. A sound wave is generated inside a liquid medium (which increases the speed) and an impulse is delivered into ailing tissue, bony, soft or both. The impulse smacks into areas of inflammation, which is like cement. The cement, whether new or old, gets broken-up and leaks out of the system. In its wake comes new blood supply and new nerve system supply. And also… healing. Not just pain relief and restored function, but healing. The body is stimulated to heal.

Don’t forget that, healing, not just pain relief. Pretty fabulous.

You know how when someone is selling you a new idea, like I am doing right now? They use testimonials from actors or people that you don’t recognize. Randos.

The following fellow client is one of many who are having success in our office. Please click this link to watch a short testimonial: Struggling with Shoulder Pain?

This is the real deal, book an appointment.

To get started please click this link: Try StemWave!




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