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Great Christmas Gift

Every once in a while a friend will give me a book that he has written and I read it, often obligingly, only to find that my friend is actually wise and smart and articulate and talented.  (I promise Chris, I read it because I wanted to!)

Less is More Than Enough is one such book.  This book was written by my friend and fellow Nampa-ite, Chris McNaught.

Turns out Chris is indeed wise and smart and articulate and talented.  In Less, Chris tells his story and wow, what a ride.  I will not spoil it.  I’ll let you enjoy Chris’s misery right along with me.  Chris has taken a situation that would crush most folks, me included, and come out with hope.  How does that happen?  Chris will show you how it works for him.  He has embraced a form of simplicity that if more of us would pay attention to, and also embrace, we would all be the more content.

Chris sprinkles in a few poems as well. They are good.

If you want to bless someone close to you with a dose of perspective and grace, this is a great gift.


Ken Swaim

You may get a copy for $10 in our office as long as they last or order through the following link:

Amazon – paperback and kindle.

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