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This word may not be common to you, in fact, I may have made it up.

Either way, it is a key principle of our office, not because we are clever, but because we acknowledge truth when we encounter it.

SO what?

Time is a factor in every biologic process, whether fast or slow. Healing in particular is time dependent. True you can get injured in an instant, like in an auto accident or sporting event. Or you can get injured slowly, over time, like for people who sit too much and have poor posture or smoke. The insult may not be apparent immediately, but the PROCESS is certainly under way. A person is not fit one day, and fat the next. A Person does not get cancer overnight. It is a process.

Yes we can become injured in a moment. But we are more likely to get injured over time.

Slow or fast, healing moves at its own pace.

Medication can trick us into thinking that we are healing quickly, or that we are not injured at all.

Let me repeat, ALL HEALING TAKES TIME! Please do not confuse the speed of healing with the effectiveness of the treatment. There is no microwave oven or magic bullet when the body is doing what it is designed to do, heal. Be patient.

Faithful adherence to this principle of gradualism, more often than not, produces excellent results. That means more life in your life.


Ken Swaim

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