Swaim School For Better Living: Exchange Students In Nampa

Swaim School For Better Living: Exchange Students In Nampa?

Chiropractic Nampa ID Exchange Students

Today's writing is from Abbey Swaim, Dr. Ken Swaim's daughter. Continue reading to find out her feelings towards our exchange student.

Growing to Love What I Thought I’d Hate In Nampa

When my parents a Nampa chiropractor first mentioned getting an exchange student, my first thought was NO WAY. I had been an only child all my life, so the thought of someone coming to live with us and interrupt our perfect little routine was not a good one. But it quickly became abundantly clear that this was no longer an option. We were getting one whether I liked it or not. So I tried to adjust to the idea.

We looked at different people to have come. And then we found the perfect match; Louise. We Skyped with her and I got really excited. We redid my room to fit two beds. And then she came and it was one of the best years of my life. She was my friend at first but then she quickly became more than that; she became my sister. And then she left and it was awful. I was pretty miserable for weeks. But I knew that I wouldn’t have traded that year for anything, not even the ache in my heart. I still miss her. But then Lea came. And she too became my sister. We had amazing times together. And of course she had to leave. I miss her too, but nothing would make me wish I hadn’t known her.

Maria is coming next week and I am truly excited to meet her. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. These kids become family. SO if you are considering it, DO IT.

Northwest Services makes it all possible. Contact JudyLynn Solberg, Northwest Services coordinator, at 208-697-8678 for more information.

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