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Control Issues? (Don't miss the video at the end)


So I hear what you are saying what about this control and coordination… but so what? Where is all this going?

This would be a good time to introduce the concept of innate intelligence.

Maybe you have noticed, maybe not, but the bulk, the majority, yes most all of our bodily functions happen automatically. Never a thought goes into to raising our temperature to fight an invading bacterium. Never a thought about increasing inflammation to aid in wound healing. Never a thought goes into increasing our heart and/or respiratory rates because indeed a big bad wolf is at the door. Never a thought about breaking down the food we eat into its macro-nutrients (fats, carbs, proteins) circulating it to the parts of our body that need it and eliminating the rest. This all happens automatically.

Even without taking an Anatomy and Physiology class, one must conclude that controlling and coordinating all this stuff requires intelligence. The good news is we are born with this intelligence! This intelligence is innate.

Too much of western “health care” (sick care) focuses on symptoms, and symptom treatment, which often means completely ignoring this innate intelligence. If your child has a fever, the fever is treated as an enemy instead of an ally. If you have high blood pressure, the status quo thinking says, that the body has somehow made a mistake, so by all means take a pill and reduce the high blood pressure. Did it ever occur to anyone that the body is raising the temperature to fight a germ or bug? Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe something else is up if our blood pressure is too high? That the blood pressure itself is not the problem? Our bodies have a built in wisdom, an innate intelligence that we ignore at our peril.

No symptoms? No problems then.

Our current health care system routinely equates being symptom free with being healthy.



Our system treats people who are symptom free as if they are healthy. Have you ever known a person who feels fine, only to find out that they have an asymptomatic disease process going on? Or the reverse, how many times have you heard the complaint, “I went to the Doctor, but he/she couldn’t find anything” and yet the person feels lousy! Something is obviously wrong. Maybe they need help with the control and coordination of their bodies, not pills that suppress symptoms. Maybe we need to wake up and listen to the innate intelligence we inherently possess. Let our bodies work the way they are created to work, without so much interference from outside in. Let your body work from the inside out.

Next time you feel off, get adjusted. Give the innate intelligence you naturally possess a chance to work. Let your body control and coordinate its self the way it can and will.

Think about it.



PS- as an added bonus from nature, look at the control and coordination from the swallows at Lake Lowell this morning. They possess the same innate intelligence. Obviously. Click on link below and Enjoy.

Swallows of Lake Lowell

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