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Chiropractic 101

Image by 2427999 from Pixabay

Image by 2427999 from Pixabay

If you step back and think about it, this thing called chiropractic seems sort of strange. Right?

I mean you come into a place, you hear some jazz in the background, you sign your name to a sheet of paper with a bunch of other peoples’ names on it, you are instructed by a fairly pleasant young lady to go and lay down, out in the open, where everyone can see, then you get your own piece of face paper, (whatever happened to customer service anyway?) and you lay face down on a table, where after a few minutes this stranger comes up behind you grabs your ankles, pumps your knees to 90 degrees and starts giving you commands with no explanation, like Simon Says for grownups, to which you comply as he uses this little clicky thing on your spine and ankles and shoulders and whatever, and then says is there anything else and you say yes or no, and then he says see you on Wednesday or something like that and you get up, roll up your face paper, put it in the trash and leave through the backdoor.

And people do this willingly? And they do it often? And regularly? Even when they don’t hurt?

All very strange.

Well let’s see if we can shed some light on this little encounter. You know how when you are so close to something you can’t see it anymore? That is exactly what has happened to me so let me tell you the whole encounter I just described, every detail, because each detail has a purpose, an intention.

Here we go.

I’m pretty sure the first part of the encounter makes sense, you sign-in, get some instructions, hear some jazz (because God listens to jazz). Getting a face paper, laying down, still no big deal. Someone grabbing your ankles and pumping your knees? Getting weird! So let me explain. I am actually looking at your leg length and trying to establish which side of your body is dominant. Most people, 99%, have a leg length discrepancy. But most of the time it is a result of dysfunction somewhere in the body, not a difference in the length of your leg bones. It is usually a difference in tone, not structure. A very important point. Most of us walking around are imbalanced, asymmetrical, and gravity doesn’t care, it just keeps pulling. Pull on something, anything, asymmetrical, long enough, and something will eventually give. That is usually what we like to think of as “getting old”. But that is exactly what is NOT happening. Yes you are getting older but really you’re out of balance. You are out of balance and sometimes this balance can be restored rather quickly and reasonably permanently and more often, it takes a lot of work to restore this balance.

So much of holding an adjustment relies on your nutritional status, your emotional status, the amount of toxins you might be carrying around and the stress you are under.

Somewhere in our thinking we are accustomed to believe the structure of the body exists in a vacuum. We think of bones and muscles and ligaments and nerves as if they are not parts of the greater whole. Newsflash! Every system in your body is related and relies on all the others to function properly. We really need to get the idea that everything in the body is related to everything else. “IT” all works together.

The spine is the wiring harness for most of that communication. Our nervous system is housed inside our spinal bones and if they are not working properly, all 24 vertebrae, then our overall health suffers.

That is really the reason you come. Not for the jazz, not for Alysson and not for the face paper, but for your health and the maintenance of your health. All of it. And yes maintaining your health is so much easier than trying to reclaim your health.

Get adjusted, it matters.



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  1. Carla Gardiner says
    Apr 30, 2021 at 3:12 PM

    This is the best explanation of what you do ever. Thank you now I know not only how it all works, but what you ARE doing while I'm on the table, lol

    • says
      Apr 30, 2021 at 9:43 AM

      Good news! I am glad it has been made clear. I hope you enjoy the jazz as well! Cheers, ks

  2. Nate Long says
    Apr 30, 2021 at 6:21 PM

    I come for the jazz; the adjustment is a nice bonus. ;-)

    • says
      Apr 30, 2021 at 4:03 PM

      Smart man! Cheers!

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