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Can Dehydration Make You Stronger? Really...


Well folks, this week I have spent trying to prove a point that might not have any merit. Or it might. I need one more week to see if I can nail this down.

For those of you that have been following along in our series about stress, stressors, different types of stress and most importantly, how to harness the positive effects of acute stress, and there are many, the working thesis is this…

If stress is inevitable can we actively seek out short-term (acute) stressors that leave us stronger, more resilient to injury and disease, and make us more vital?

Our working answer has been yes. This is certainly true for exercise. (See last week’s post: Chronic Exercise vs Acute Exercise) But is it equally valid for other areas of health and well being?

Great question, I’m glad I asked it!

My question concerns water and water consumption. Could we apply a short-term stressor that will give all the health benefits we seek? There is no question that long-term (Chronic) dehydration leads to depletion of life, a loss of vitality, sickness and injury. There is also no question that over-hydration, constantly being more than topped off, can leave you depleted of electrolytes, causing nausea, cramping, bloating and blood pressure issues.

Too much of a good thing can be harmful. Too much of a bad thing can be harmful.

But back to the original question: Can we use short-term stress to makes us stronger? Can we adapt to a short-term reduction in fluids?

I remember reading somewhere, and I haven’t found the source, that being slightly dehydrated, on purpose for a short period of time, forces your body to:

1) Adapt to this condition (usually a good thing)

2) Become stronger and more efficient with water metabolism (always a good thing)

My current thinking is yes but I can’t prove it, not yet.

I need one more week to make sense of this. Or we can chuck it! But since conventional wisdom regarding most things in health and vitality are typically flawed, I think it is worth a shot. If you get impatient, let me know what you find and send some feedback.

I want to know how to be stronger and more resilient and move to the right.

Chronic Stress <——-> Acute Stress


Anyone else?

I’ll see you next week.



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