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Bruce Springsteen's, Born to Run: A Book Review by Mrs. Swaim



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Bruce Springsteen


1) Childhood Hardship: By becoming very introspective he learned through his rough, and yet very spoiled, upbringing and poor economic circumstances, to figure out who he is, and how he needs to operate to take care of himself, those he loves and to affect society.

2) Tenacity Over Talent: Mr. Springsteen was not a natural talent at the guitar or singing, however he worked many hours a day, everyday, until he became a master guitarist and learned to use his particular vocal qualities to convey the messages of his songs.

3) Absolute Belief: He writes his lyrics with the passion and dedication of someone who believes that Rock-n-Roll has the ability to influence and change society.


For any Rock-n-Roll enthusiast, this is a must read. It is also a great one for anyone who desires examples of what utter dedication/single mindedness can produce. In that sense, it is inspiring! Lastly, for the person who just simply appreciates good writing; he just writes so well.


1) He also shows a very narcissistic life that is hurtful to many who he loves.

2) There are many F-Bombs, other colorful uses of language, and stories of the rock band lifestyle.


I am always amazed to see where people come from and what they do with it. “Man, you wouldn’t believe the most amazing things that can come from… some terrible nights.” (Some Nights by Fun) We all have the choice to follow in the footsteps of those who precede us, good or bad, or move forward in a new direction that is all our own (good or bad again). To come from such difficult mental, emotional and economic circumstances and grow into a person who writes, plays, sings, goes by the title “The Boss” and who can love his wife, children, siblings and parents the way Bruce Springsteen does, is a form of redemption.

And, If you are an Outliers/Malcolm Gladwell fan, this book makes the 10,000 hour rule seem to be absolutely true. He played every waking minute that he wasn’t in school or working. He stayed clean from drugs and did not get into drinking as young as many of his contemporaries and peers. He was singularly focused on playing music, then writing and playing music; and he did it all well and made it!

I realize how a pretty easy life can make for a lackadaisical way of living. The true “good-life” requires making choices to pursue dreams, serve others or the call we have on our lives, and we have to pursue them with a vengeance, if we truly want to make a difference in our world. In the next book I will review, Second Chance by Catherine Hoke, she calls it your “Generous Hustle”. This man will not look back with regrets of what he could have done! The Couch, the TV, the Smart Phone, the Computer, even obsessive exercise or novels and music, can be used as ways to avoid the hard work of living; the tenacity and the perseverance required to accomplish something great, big or small…

Also, I am happy to say, that although he was quite the ladies man in his earlier years and had one marriage that did not work, his seeming dedication to his current wife of many years and the dedication he has to his children and their different interests, talents and efforts is unusual and inspiring, for what we often see of so many who are stars in this country.


4.5 Stars (only because I am prudish about the F-Bombs)

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