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Are We Moving Towards Sickness or Towards Health?

Happy Thursday, let’s continue…

Last week we talked about health being on a spectrum. Here is the link and image from last week’s post in case you missed it: What Does Neil Young Have to do with Health?Fading Away Spectrun

Hopefully that graphic makes sense. Hopefully the graphic will give you a new appreciation for how simple it really is to manage your health. One goal of this series is to help you think critically about your health and move away from the status quo of sick care and symptom management.

When I was in college in the 80’s we had a wise professor that would say simple but truly profound things. He taught Old Testament. Whether or not you ascribe to the veracity of this ancient text, the wisdom it contains is undeniable. So back to professor Reuben Welch…

“When nothing is happening, something is happening.”

What is that supposed to mean?

In the context of our discussion from the last several weeks, here is how to understand it.

Health and/or sickness and disease don’t always feel like anything. Our culture is enamored with emotions, and experiences and much has been written about our chronic state of comfort, and ease, and instant gratification and dopamine. But life really IS lived one day at a time and the compounding effects of our choices don’t feel like much on a day to day basis. And for whatever reason, we seem to crave drama. Maybe we get bored. Maybe all that ease has made us miss our days of survival. For the most part, our days are spent doing mundane but important tasks. Working, doing laundry, washing dishes, mowing lawns, bathing children, goofing off, paying bills. Not very glamorous stuff. But all the while, with each task and each step, we move either one way or the other on the health spectrum. We move toward what we want (vitality). Or we move toward what we don’t want (depletion). We are always moving. Sometimes steadily in one direction. Sometimes zigzagging back and forth. The accumulation of more days in one direction or the other determines our health.

Everyday that you embrace a step in the health direction of the spectrum is another day of slowing the effects of entropy and depletion. Every night that you sleep well, same thing. Every day that you eat well, same thing. Every time you get adjusted, yep, same thing.

The truth is these steps rarely, if ever, feel like anything is happening. But something is happening. You are moving in one direction or the other. Always. The steps are compounding, ALWAYS.


The beautiful part is you have a choice in which direction you want to move.

Choose wisely, and remember that chiropractic adjustments may feel like nothing is happening, but with the compounding effects that they produce, trust me, something is happening.



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