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One Thing is Clear

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Good Morning Folks,

Regardless of what you thought of the video presentation we sent out Friday featuring Ryan Cole, MD, (click here if you missed it: Dr. Ryan Cole on Covid) one thing is clear, we can all take better care of ourselves. We can build our immune systems to handle most of what life throws at us. Judging by how many of you opened that email, (the most we have ever had) I would say, you are interested in what you can do for yourself to build your immune system. As you might recall, Dr. Cole gave us an earful about Vitamin D.

Image by Oliver Peters from Pixabay

Image by Oliver Peters from Pixabay

Vitamin D is naturally produced in the skin with exposure to the sun. This in turn helps regulate a ton of biological processes including the immune system. Is it any wonder at the end of winter people are depleted of this key nutrient and succumb to colds and infections and viruses?

We have two products I highly recommend to combat this deficiency state. Pick one!

The first is Cod Liver oil. Now before you stop reading and start gagging, here me out. CLO is high in omega 3 fatty acids, like EPA and DHA, both good for your brain and your heart. That alone is good enough to take this product. But even better CLO is also one of the best NATURAL sources of vitamins A and D. Vitamin A, by the way, is crucial for protecting your mucous membranes. Mucous membranes line your nose and mouth and keep out invaders. I think this is important. Don’t you?

The CLO produced by Standard Process should be on the shelf of everyone reading this. Your immune system will thank you. Is it perfect? Just about. I have been taking this for the past 6 months and I feel pretty darn good. CLO comes in a soft gel capsule and although big, is easy to swallow. But I do not swallow them, I just let them dissolve in my mouth and I must tell you the spritz of lemon added to the oil makes these things taste great. Really. The quality controls Standard Process employ are without par. This is good stuff. You can read about it here on the Standard Process website (Cod Liver Oil).

The second product is called Cataplex D. I have used this product as well. It is very good coming from the liver of cod as well. You can read about it here (Cataplex D).

Let me caution you right now because I can already hear the “but my D3 supplement has 10x as much as yours does” and yes you are correct. But here is the catch, when manufacturers synthesize any vitamin, it is inferior. Every time. Most vitamin D is made in a lab. But nature produces far better products, including vitamin D in a fish liver, and the human body requires less of it because it readily absorbs all the nutrients. It is called bioavailability. How much actually gets into the body? That is the key question. If your vitamin supplement was purchased at Costco, it was made in a lab, not very bio-available, not the North Atlantic.

Whether you know it or not, we began doing blood work in our office in January. You know the kind you get from “real” doctors? Well, I must tell you on the 10 or so we have done, all, 100%, were deficient in Vitamin D. Coincidence?

We can help you order either of these, you certainly do not need both. Let us know how we can help. But do this for you and your family. A healthy defense wins championships.

Get the best stuff.



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