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Is there anything I can do?

Many times a day I get asked, “Is there anything I can do?” This is usually in response to the seemingly passive activity of receiving chiropractic care. And so once we are in the maintenance mode of your care, yes, there are things you can do and should do. Let me put this as clearly as possible, if you are not lifting weights on a regular basis, you essentially have no chance of aging well. Blunt, I know, but true.

Read the article below, please, and pay particular attention to how long it takes to put on muscle and how quickly it can be lost. I know yoga feels good and running is great for your mood, etc., but if you are serious about your health, well being and longevity, then lifting weights is no longer optional. It’s that important!

Please click below to read the 4 Laws of Muscle article and if you would like help getting started, please contact our office to let me or Alysson know.

4 Laws of Muscle article


– ks

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