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Your First Visit to Our Nampa Practice

New patient filling out paperwork

Our new patient forms can be downloaded and completed in the convenience of your own home.

You Matter to Us

The first thing that will happen on your visit is that you will be greeted by Alysson at the front door.

If your paperwork was not completed online, you will be able to fill out new patient forms in the office. Also, there a couple of forms that can only be done in the office. Alysson will be available if you have questions.


When you are finished, Alysson will quickly review your paperwork with you, and ask a few additional questions. At that point you will meet Dr. Swaim, he’ll answer any questions and explain the program to you just to clarify everything before we proceed.


Alysson will help you with your exam. She does a great job explaining the process as you go.

The examination will include palpation, range of motion, reflexes, and a technological view of your spine called the Surface EMG (sEMG).  If X-rays are needed, then Dr. Swaim will refer you to an X-ray center.

Dr. Swaim will review your scans while Alysson directs you to a table to be adjusted. The whole process usually takes an hour.

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